“My favorite aspect: 60-40.” – Chung Wong

“I love eating pizza in the Stud. I have my choice of toppings: pepperoni, cheese, or plastic.” – Tori Whiteman

“The dank diversity.” – Amanda Robinson

“It’s as active as any top-tier daycare center in the county.” – Gary Bethea

“The proliferation of flamingly liberal news periodicals.” – Ethan Sooy

“The Signal.” – Liz So

“TCNJ: it’s like Rowan, but with prettier buildings.”  – Sean Parsons

“TCNJ: an ‘Ivy League education’–without the wireless connection.”  – Damian Cinotti

“The people here are both my favorite and my least favorite.” – Caroline Bachmann

“I have a whole group of squirrel friends––we meet up on Tuesday nights to talk about the Eickhoff scrapings that we ate.” – Adriana Silva

“Four words: Wayne, Harris, Tony, and Garcia.” – RMS

“I like TCNJ because there’s a really cute boy here who I like.” – Christine Wolff

“Green hall, simply because I love all the exercise I get as I’m sent running from office to office just to have one question answered.” – Esteban Martinez

“Leo Mahaga’s shredding.” – Jaclyn Ulman Lehigh Sophomore

“Between the incessant desire to play beer pong, echoing of dance mixes down the hall, and the occasional hollering in the wee hours of the night, it’s a scene straight out of the ever classy Seaside Heights.” – Melissa Radzimski

“Getting arrested for things I didn’t do and getting off scot-free for the things I did.” – Tom Sales Class of ‘07

“Perspectives are like buttholes–we all have one and they all stink.” – Connor Tracey H.S. Junior

“Waking up to faucets that spew out a solution of water and soil.” – Rahool Davé

“Favorite part: Everything looks like red brick. Least favorite: I have a phobia of red brick.” – Kyle Tomlin

“The most impressive thing about TCNJ is that they’ve managed to create a college atmosphere using Spackle, smoke and mirrors.  It’s like a city of facades.” – Sarah Stryker

“The ‘The’ in ‘The College of New Jersey.’” – Conor J. Byrne Wesleyan Junior

“Strict speed limits and motivated runners; specifically, the mysterious female Indian marathon runner.” – Matt DiMaggio

“TCNJ is KNOWN for eco-friendly efforts! But the staff and student body aren’t… I mean, we can’t have 4th grade assemblies informing the students and staff about the importance of sustainability, but f*%k! No one cares.” – Tom Bennett

“I love the way library staffers attempt to tell me I can’t bring coffee upstairs, and I think of a way to do it anyway.” – Marcella Botero