There are no more excuses. For those who look to the 1960s with forlorn nostalgia, wishing they could have come into political and intellectual fruition at a time of such momentous social upheaval, shake off that misplaced malaise and join the movement rapidly taking shape all around you. For those who sit idly by while your fellow students organize and actualize, turn off your monitors and turn on your minds. For those who can’t tell the difference between obstructionism and neutrality, you are the reason these provocations must be written. This is a call to action.

We are at a pivotal moment in the civil rights struggle of our era, and we must take ownership over whether it succeeds or fails. As residents of New Jersey – a stone’s throw away from the state capital – we can have more of an impact than anyone else in the nation in improving the lives of our LGBT friends and relatives.

Yes, New Jersey is the battleground state in the fight for gay rights. Legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage in our state is currently stalled in the Assembly Judiciary Committee, and by all accounts, will come up for a vote after the gubernatorial election this November. Win or lose, Governor Jon Corzine has pledged to sign any such bill, should it reach his desk. Republican Chris Christie, the challenger, says he would veto it. Thankfully, even if he wins, we won’t have to find out if Christie is bluffing; if all goes according to plan, the bill should be passed during the lame duck session.

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