From its outset, The Perspective never sought to engage in an arbitrary tit-for-tat with The Signal. The two publications have different aims, different journalistic standards, and different target audiences. Our relationship can be one of coexistence and supplementation, not incessant quarreling. That being said, we will not hesitate to criticize The Signal if, in our opinion, it has failed to provide the wider campus community with quality content and reporting. In last month’s inaugural issue, The Perspective called attention to the flaws that we found to be pervasive at the publication.

One of the Signal’s editors responded with an off-kilter jab in that week’s editorial, which we then countered with a more thorough criticism, posted on tcnjperspective.com. In the post’s comment section, the editor accused The Perspective of committing libel. To our knowledge, neither the editor nor anyone else associated with The Signal has acted upon the allegation, and we hope this continues to be the case. After carefully re-analyzing our words, the editors have concluded that the charge was without basis.

Nevertheless, this accusation is a serious one – indeed, it is grounds for a lawsuit. The Perspective urges The Signal not to mistake forceful criticism for defamation or malicious misrepresentation of fact – the criteria for libel. We call on the editor to either explain the charge, or rescind it.